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Giving Tuesday, Support our upcoming MMK Trip

Hello MMK Friends and Colleagues

I have been contemplating our upcoming MMK trip to Kenya and am just excited for the communities we will serve. We have just finalized our team roster and we have 7 physicians on board with diverse specialties, one clinical Psychologist, and a team of 6 Registered Nurses. I am excited for the babies who will have a chance to beat the mortality statistics because of the essential antibiotics and life-saving medications that we will be able to provide. I am excited for those villagers who will get their first medical checkup - their first blood pressure reading, - their first interaction with a physician. But equally important, I am excited for YOU...and for your support.

I founded MMK organization in 2011 in an effort to close the gap in health disparities and lack of basic healthcare services in some underserved rural communities in Kenya. MMK recruits volunteer doctors and nurses from all over the world to provide free health care and essential medications to these remote and impoverished villages of Kenya. But our work would not be possible without your support and donations. As my team prepares for the trip, I am thinking of you and how you can help us make an impact.

I would like to share this MMK YouTube video that was sent to me by a teacher of a 14-year-old student Penh Alicandro, 8 years ago. Penn won a school competition for social justice showcasing MMK's volunteer work. His words still ring true today as they did then.

MMK is a registered 501c (3) nonprofit organization and all donations are 100% tax deductible. MMK mobilizes medical and non-medical volunteers to lend their services during two weeks of medical mission trips to Kenya.

Millicent Mucheru, RN DNP

Founder, Medical Missions Kenya org


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