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Lexy Davidge, Registered Nurse at UCLA

Those who know Lexy, will agree  that she is probably one of the most upbeat, radiant, funny and most friendly person that they have ever met. Alexis Davidge is beautiful, with an instant striking smile that just brings a fresh of breath air along. At 5’10, Lexy is tall and beautiful, bringing a wave of excitement with her confident strides. Growing up with two brothers, Lexy is bold, a tom boy, who truly embraces new cultures and unfamiliar sights and smells.

She is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone and try new foods. During her trips to Kenya, Lexy took a sip of goat milk, milked a cow and goat along the way, and even drank some fresh cow blood in Maasai land.


But all that is nothing compared to the deep compassion that Lexy has for social justice. She has committed herself to numerous causes to help the disadvantaged. And it is because of her compassion that she became a Registered Nurse and is pursuing a Nurse Practitioner program at UCLA School of Nursing. And MMK can not wait for Lexy to complete her program. She is truly an extra-ordinary human being. Lexy works at UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital in Westwood in the Transplant ICU specializing in liver-related problems. Most of her regular patients are fresh liver transplants and if you are in the medical field, then you will understand how complex and aggressive the post-operative care of such patients entails. She recalls reading about MMK in the early hours of her night shift break at UCLA. She was inspired by Milli’s story and her desire to bring medical help to her home country. She wanted to join MMK. It would be her first official medical trip as a RN and she could not wait. In Kenya, Lexy fell in love with the people.  And from taking out chiggers to dishing out prescription medications, Lexy was adaptable and never hesitated as she served in her many roles during the two MMK trips of 2013 and 2014.

Despite being exhausted, she recalls feeling so alive working alongside a team of health care workers determined to see as many patients as possible; fighting against time, before the African darkness struck. Her favorite part was being out of her ICU element and having to think on her feet given the limited resources. While many people her age will spend days planning their birthday, Lexy was content enough to quietly celebrate her birthday in the jungles of Africa without saying a word, only focused on the delivery of health care services to the needy communities that we served. She has since built a deep friendship with Milli’s family and Dr Alfred, an amazing and dedicated doctor she has learned so much from.


Lexy was the team leader for the 2014 MMK trip. This was the second time for lexy to volunteer with our organization, having travelled to Kenya with MMK in 2013. As the team leader, Lexy prepared the new membes who had myriad of questions on what to expect or pack for the trip. As soon as we landed in Nairobi, Lexy was estatic and confessed that it felt like coming back home. She worked in the pharmacy preparing multiple doses of prescriptions medications that MMK provides to the patients. This time, she extended her trip and worked in Eldoret along side a Family Nurse Practitioner, to learn the Nurse Practitioner’s role abroad. There she helped teach a First Aid and CPR class to young professionals, visited patients in the slums and experienced life in a village! Lexy is so grateful for having these two opportunities to learn from the Kenyan people and hopes to return back to the beautiful country with the new knowledge she is gaining in her Nurse Practitioner program at UCLA.

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