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Sherrie San Juan, RN

  As a Med-Surg RN for almost six years at the time, Sherrie was juggling two jobs at some of the biggest hospitals in Southern California; UCLA and Cedars Sinai Hospital. She was a member of the UCLA Resource team where she received an email regarding MMK medical mission trip to kenya for 2013 and jumped at the opportunity to serve. “I have always dreamed about volunteering in Africa, so it was like fate when I received an e-mail at work about one remaining RN spot for MMK 2013″ trip. Sherrie; a quiet, calm and compassionate RN, took to the challenge of volunteer medical outreach abroad with a positive attitude despite the long working hours in hot conditions travelling through long winding and dusty roads. When you first meet Sherrie, you are immediately drawn to her genuine smile that radiates warmth, radiance and confidence.During the medical outreach, Sherrie took part in basic nursing care which included history-taking, vital signs, glucose monitoring, deworming children, HIV and malaria testing. “I remember the need for flexibility during our mission” She reports. “I originally was not going to remove jiggers during the clinic, but when the number of patients multiplied, I jumped in and began to remove the parasites. I also later joined the Pharmacy team when they became overwhelmed with filling prescriptions”. Sherrie worked hard with the team tending to patients with various complex tropical ailments and sometimes unfamiliar medical diagnosis as she traveled through different remote villages of Kenya, an experience she describes as “unforgettable”.Sherrie is currently pursuing her MSN at Azusa Pacific University. “After I complete the FNP program, I plan to participate in more medical missions and be able to contribute more towards diagnosing and prescribing appropriate treatments” she shares enthusiastically.

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