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Sean Mucheru, Student

He must have been around 9 or 10 years old when Sean started participating in MMK medical mission trips. At first, it was simple, just handing out toiletries and other hygiene essentials to orphaned children. As he grew older, he traveled with the MMK groups to remote areas where he participated in passing out health education materials or registering patients by filling out intake forms with biological data. Then as he socialized into the role, he was then able to participate in the triage area and learnt how to take basic vital signs. During all his trips, Sean is always flexible and willing to serve where needed including helping out at the pharmacy where he counted pills per instructions and bagged them ready for the pharmacist.

Sean was initially disturbed by the poverty around him during the missions. He started forfeiting birthday gifts in lieu of MMK donations and participated in fund raising efforts . He recruited his friend and class mate Eli to join him in Africa. Sean and his friend Eli initiated a clothing drive for a boys rehabilitation center in Nairobi. Joined by another volunteer teen Sangmin, they donated food, clothes, and installed a basketball hoop and even taught the boys how to play basketball. As a regular volunteer, Sean is well known to the villages and It is beautiful to watch the Maasai Morans teach Sean how to do the jump dance.

Sean's highlight was when one of our doctors assisted a village mom deliver a baby in the middle of nowhere. He was so delighted and couldn't stop talking about It. We are so proud of having Sean in our team and we hope he continues to be part of MMK.

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