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This is Africa Monday, June 3, 2013

So last night we arrived in Shompole.On our way here we stopped at a rest stop. According to google maps it was the end of the road. According to Kenyans it was 3 hours to our hotel, which would normally take 1 but because the roads were so bad it will take longer. It is an interesting ride and we see lots of people dressed in their tribal clothing as well as zebras! It is extremely bumpy and we had the pleasure of receiving another African massage. Once we got closer we saw a bunch of baboons monkeys on the trees and once we passed they came to the road to check us out as we left. The locals said they meet there at the same time everyday.

Finally we arrive in a small village where our hotel is. First of all Milli booked all 18 rooms for us and when we arrive there are only 14 rooms. Oh and she had to find this new hotel because the last one had “blown away.” Anyways apparently there are more rooms “down the road.” He kept saying “its just here.” Turns out down the road is a 45 minute drive with out luggage. Also I got a luxury room, which means I have a porcelain hole in the ground as a toilet with an ice cold shower and a hole free mosquito net. I lucked out compared to some of my team mates. So eventually the other group comes back and we somehow manage to squeeze everyone into the hotel. After our gourmet meal of goat meat (apparently a rare occurrence in Kenya), cabbage, rice, and lentils we went for a walk. The stars were so bright and many of the nurses from LA were impressed by them. The night walk was a little nerve racking because no one has been here before. A couple of the drivers and Kevin (Millie’s nephew) went with us. They played elephant noises to trick us into thinking there was an elephant out there. This place seem to be the local bar for the locals, or they just came to check out the muzungus in their town.

To sum up our experience up I’d have to say, “this is Africa,” where you have a hole in the ground for a toilet and see random animals on the streets.

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