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Kawangware Slums: Clinic Day III Thursday, June 6, 2013

We all woke up around 10 because we are so tired. After eating breakfast we made our way to a slum outside Nairobi to do a clinic. First stop was to get guards because here there will be many more people on a much poorer situation than in the rural areas. I try to take a picture of the Kenyan flag but I didn’t realize we were on government property and they were not happy with pictures being taken.

After we pay for guards we make our way to the slum. The man in charge charges us to use his church for the clinic. In Kenya every one is out to pad their own pocket. It is a very tiny room with only a door and small window and on the outside there is a sticker that says,”open windows for circulation to prevent the spread to TB.” Great. We are screening sick people in a non ventilated room. But for a few extra shillings we can rent the room next door too and have pharmacy and doctors separate. We decide to do that.

The pharmacy crew is smart this time and we don’t unpack the meds from the suitcases, just organize the suitcase so it will be a quick easy clean up. Today Marcos, one of our drivers is our translator. He is very good. Many of the people also speak English. The population was also very different. There was much more high blood pressure and diabetes than in the rural areas. Many people were aware they had it as well but could not afford their medication. The clinic was extremely busy and we went over the time we had planned. Our van almost got stuck when we were trying to leave.

Mind you we never had a lunch break and most of us had breakfast at 8 thinking we were leaving at 9. Millie has a special treat for us tonight though so we quickly freshen up. This entire trip has been a giant game of telephone. Most of us thought we were going to a restaurant to eat but instead we went to her cousins house which was amazing. They had amazing food and an amazing house.

We are very tired and are trying to leave after much effort and Alfred saying goodnight we gather everyone. We are about to leave and Hilda realizes she forgot her son! He was left upstairs watching tv. On the way home we are so tired from the heat and work we pass out. We stumble upstairs to sleep and prepare to travel to Masai Mara tomorrow for safari.

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