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Hippos, Crocs, and a Cheetah - Oh My! Sunday, June 9, 2013

Today begins our full day game drive. We wake up early and see a cheetah sitting on the side of the road. As we are watching it another van drives up and a person in the van is yelling and scares the cheetah aware and into the grass where we can no longer see him. He was beautiful though.

We then drive around and see some lions. It was a whole lion family. After being patient the baby lions get up and walk to the shade. The female lion follows. Then the male lion gets up and walks over. When he gets there the female lion gets up and gives him a lion kiss. It was so adorable!

We pick up the rest of our group and drive to the Mara river, the home of the wildebeest migration. When we get there, there are tons of hippos just hanging out outside the water, which is very rare to see in the middle of the day. They grunt as we walk down the trail with our guide. We then see some crocs and zebras. The croc almost fully blends into the mud. I would not have spotted it unless I was told it was there.

We drive and find a spot to eat our lunch. The drivers warn us about leaving our food out because the monkeys will steal it. Mike gets up and sure enough a monkey dashes over and snatches his piece of bread. We begin to feed them which we probably shouldn’t do but they are jut too cute to resist.

We get back, play pool and rest up for our journey back to Nairobi tomorrow. The hyenas today were just as scared as before but there wasn’t as many.

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