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Eldoret Friday, May 31, 2013

After a 6 hour drive we made it to Eldoret. In the morning we went to the supermarket where I bought sneakers then started our travels. We stopped at a city along the way to eat lunch. It was a Kenyan Chinese place haha. It was pretty good and cheap. I’m pretty sure they over charged us though because Millie said they usually do that and she had to correct her check. Then we were back on the road. I slept most of the way except when we were traveling on extremely bumpy unpaved roads. Since they do not have a way to enforce speed limit here they just insert speed bumps along the way. We also saw baboons and zebras just chillin on the side of the road. There were also a lot of cows and goats that people were herding around.

When we got to Eldoret we stopped to check on a girl with a lesion on her face. Martha (the doctor from Canada) determined it was a hematoma that had scar tissue in it from her feeding tube when she was prematurely born.

Unfortunately there was nothing we could do. In the states it would have been surgically removed. This is a pretty big deal here too because kids will make fun of her at school and also this makes her not a good candidate for marriage. Then we continued on our way and we are now at the hotel. Mike took his braids out. Then we went to dinner around the block to a restaurant owned by Indians. We got pizza (I know, pizza in Kenya too, haha) and rosemary chicken. We were supposed to have our chigger training for tomorrow tonight but the trainers decided they wanted to do it tomorrow morning during back fast despite the vote from our group being unanimously for tonight, lol, democracy at its best. Anyways, we then we went back to the hotel and during Megan’s shower there was a power outage. After a few minutes, the generator came on, but soon all went to sleep anyways

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