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Maasai Mara + Safari: Clinic Day IV Saturday, June 8, 2013

We wake up early for an early morning game drive. We are extremely lucky and see a leopard! He poses or us then walks through all the safari van slowly enough for us to take pictures. It’s amazing how close the animals get to the vans, it almost doesn’t phase them. I liked the leopard the best. He was a small leopard probably not fully grown yet. The sunrise was beautiful across the Mara too.

After breakfast we head out to a Masai village to do a clinic. When we get their there is a nurse that regularly works there and a small pharmacy we set up in. The Masai have almost no fly reflex and there are flies crawling all over the children. There were not as many people coming to this clinic, probably because it was so remote. There wasn’t as much high blood pressure as in the city here again. Chris was very exhausted and rested at the hotel so we adopted Sherri to help run the pharmacy. We did pretty well. We spend the rest of the day at the pool, entering paper work for our research, and playing pool. Alfred learns how to swim since he has only ever swam in rivers and not in a pool. We don’t go on an evening game drive because tomorrow we are going on a full day game ride which will take up a lot of gas.

The hotel manager somehow finds out about our clinic and the people at the gate begin to ask for something because we have gotten a deal to come in the park. Corruption is everywhere in Kenya and people will do anything to pad their pocket. We agree to do a small clinic at the hotel because they insist. Turns out almost everyone has extremely high blood pressure except the one older man who eats outside the hotel. The food here must be loaded with salt. We follow up with blood pressure readings tomorrow

before dispensing meds.

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