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The Carnivore Restaurant Monday, June 10, 2013

Once again we all wake up early for a long car ride. It seems like we have spent days in the car, we have almost become one with the van. We start our long trek back to Nairobi. On our way we stop for souvenirs in the city and for some formal Kenyan wear. I only tried some of the Kenyan wear on. As usually we skipped lunch and were super hungry while we were shopping and ordered some of the worst attempt at pizza I have ever had.

Once we get back to Millie’s brothers house the power goes out as usual. We all get dressed for dinner in the dark. Tonight we are going to the Carnivore restaurant as a thank you to us all from Millie. As the name implies, there is TONS of meat with the most amazing sauces ever. They start with a wonderful vegetable soup and salad. There is a flag in the middle of the table and when it is up the waiters will continue to serve meat, and when we surrender the flag no more meat will be brought. The meal started with very good “normal” meat like chicken, pork, turkey, sausage. Soon they started to bring out ostrich, croc, lamb liver, and ox balls. The ostrich was very good and yes we all tried the ox balls. They weren’t that bad but as you are eating them you continuously think about how they are ox balls and then your stomach turns. After the meat they had desert for us. Deserts are not Kenyans specialty. I ordered cheesecake which turned out to be more of a pudding pie flavored cheesecake. I stuck to my coffee. The drivers ate with us thanks to Greg and Chris who bought them the dinner. At the end of dinner Marcos told us how he really felt a part of this group.

After dinner we went back to the house to pack up, as our flight leaves tomorrow. :(

Westgate Mall , Maasai Market

Before we leave for our flight we have to buy more souvenirs of course. After driving around for about an hour and a half we get to the Maasai market at Westgate mall rooftop. We haggle for a few items and walk away with some good purchases. Each vendor would say “this price, because it is morning” or “you are my first customer, they say this is good luck.” Moses sold me a vase and a painting for a “good” deal because his sister is in America and we take care of her. Basically I still got ripped off after haggling down from 12,000 ksh to 1,600 ksh. Oh well hope he uses the money wisely. On our way back we fill up with KFC and stuff our faces in the car so we can leave on time and make our flight.

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