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Home Sweet Home

After mike carrying a 30lb vase through multiple airports we arrive in Rochester. We wait in baggage claim for our luggage. We each find one of our suitcases. As we are waiting for the second, Chris mentions how she smells Amarula (the amazing elephant liquor from Africa that we brought back with us). We joke how she probably is just missing it. Nope, a 1 liter bottle broke and spilled inside my one suitcase. I now have a suitcase full of soggy newspaper and Mikes shoes. Luckily his shoes are clean and only one bottle broke. But anyways, turns out they left our second luggage in JFK. So i have no personal luggage. We fill out a report and go back to my apartment. Turns out the vase broke This vase was so cool! It was giraffe print and made of clay. It must have broke during a landing. Oh and 2/3s of my pictures are MIA at the moment on my now corrupted memory card. But despite all the bad luck we had on our returning flight, we all made it home safe, had an awesome time in Kenya, and our luggage was delivered. I will forever have a place in my heart for the Kenyan people and everyone I worked with. We had an amazing group. <3Here is the link to our group photo sharing page. (there are tons of pictures unfiltered) Pictures!

Bye Kenya!

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